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Tom Durham

Tom is a contemporary figurative artist, a professional member of the NSS, and in many public and private collections across America and Europe. The sculptures and drawings that I create are contemporary allegories that combine symbolic surreal images with classical references. They become personalized mythology influenced by literature, observation of life, and art. The dramatic imagery are like still pictures, that have a narrative which alludes to its own past and future but it is the viewer that really defines the story with their own experiences and interests. Like most mythology, the narratives are heightened with the emotional complexities of everyday experiences that combine humor, pathos, and introspection of humanity. My first desire to create art came as a young boy seeing Michelangelos Florentine Pieta exhibited during the New York Worlds Fair. I was first introduced to art while seeing Michelangelos Florentine Pieta I was mesmerized, even as a child the more than life like sculpture had a profound effect that moved me. While I stood on the railing and looked down at the work the conveyor belt moved people behind me towards the exit, I couldnt move I wanted to take it all in as a memory for life.

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mailto:tjdurham@comcast.net" tjdurham@comcast.net
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