My name is Denis Grace.
I am a sculptor working out of my studio in Eugene Oregon. Sculpture is a solitary occupation so I use my computer, like many other sculptors, as a window to the outside world. It was Facebook that made me realize that great sculpture is being created all around us today....There are many very fine sculptors who have little or no internet presentation, they work quietly in their studios and for most part their work is a labor of love. It doesn't have to be this way, there has been, over this last decade a resurgence in interest in classical sculpture so I decided to start a website that would act as a focus for these efforts and hopefully it will play it's part in helping the movement gain momentum and to bring the community together.
I would also like to invite you personally to visit my website, Facebook process page, or email me with your thoughts.

  • Sculptors Gallery

    An essential goal is to provide a "place" where sculptors can show their work and get to know each other. Also to provide a showcase and forum to the general public for dialogue and exchange of ideas among educators, scholars, curators, collectors and sculptors.

  • Accessibility

    To create, with search engine optimization and on line advertising, a home that will have greater visibility than any of the sculptors could create on their own, with the ultimate goal of promoting the reemergence of traditional, classical forms of sculpture as well as to support new concepts in contemporary figurative work.

  • Emeritus Sculptors Gallery

    To honor those senior masters of our craft. This is our way to recognize those sculptors lifetime accomplishments.

  • Silent Masters Gallery

    To honor those who came before us, those who we own so much... Especially acknowledging those who carried on the rich traditions of classical figurative sculpture through the modernest period. They shall NOT be forgotten...

  • If you would like to participate please email us, there is no cost and all figurative sculptors are welcome

  • The "Figurative Sculptors Website" was founded in 2011 for the advancement of traditional, classical, and select contemporary figurative sculpture, as a registered 501(c)3, non-profit, educational foundation. Our mission is to create an on-line gallery, with thousands high quality images of work from the emerging, established and historical figurative sculptors. Further, to become a leading internet sculpture archive
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